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We partner with experienced listing agents who have a reputable track record. Become SoldNest Verified and get matched with motivated sellers.
No upfront or monthly fee If you’re accepted into our network, we only ask for the standard 25% broker-to-broker referral fee after closing.
Vetted referrals Our matching engine connects you with serious sellers. We vet them beforehand to ensure they’re motivated.
Join an elite group SoldNest agents are marketed as having the most reputable track record — a claim that other agents can’t make.

Who qualifies to become a SoldNest partner agent?

At SoldNest, we focus on quality over quantity. We only partner with real estate agents who we believe are the most reputable in their market — the ones who don’t prioritize dual agency, intentionally over or underprice, or force a seller to ride out the listing agreement.

Our requirements ensure that we deliver on our promise to prospective home sellers — to help them find an agent who will put them in the best position to sell for the best price and in the shortest amount of time.




Reputable track record


No contract commitment

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Stand out from the crowd

The good listing agents don’t get the recognition they deserve. We think it’s time for a change.

We know there are agents who camouflage their true intentions to sellers. We also know that it’s not easy for you to convey your trusted reputation to these prospective clients. That’s why we do it for you.

When you become SoldNest Verified, we flaunt your profile to show prospective sellers why you’re considered one of the most reputable agents in your area.

Our goal is to develop a lasting relationship with the agents who put their clients first. Helping you stand out from the crowd is only the beginning.

The profile of a SoldNest partner real estate agent

How to become SoldNest Verified

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First Step


Fill out your information, which takes less than a minute. We’ll be in touch so that we can start evaluating your transaction history.

Second Step


We’ll set up a phone or video interview (usually 10-15 minutes) to learn more about your process when working with a seller.

Third Step

Sign our agreement

You’ll receive our referral agreement before onboarding. Only pay a broker-to-broker fee after a successful sale.

Do you qualify to be a SoldNest partner agent?