How SoldNest finds your best listing agent

We combine real estate agent sales data, client feedback, and our industry expertise with your property attributes and selling needs to match you with the agent best qualified to quickly sell your home for the maximum price. Discover the power of our precision in matching you with the best listing agent.

Qualify local real estate agents

There are two ways for a real estate agent to become SoldNest Verified: They can apply to join our network or get invited. Our requirements are the same in either scenario, and they verify the agent’s selling experience, track record of prioritizing a seller’s best interests, and no-contract commitment. This process happens before confirming they’re a great match for you and your home.

To date, about 3% of all real estate agents are able to become SoldNest Verified. Here are the steps we take to determine if a listing agent in your area meets our stringent criteria.


Assess selling experience

Recent experience is a minimum requirement, so an agent must rank in the top 20% of properties sold in your area over the last 3 years.

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Step 1 of the SoldNest agent vetting process

Analyze dual agency sales

We eliminate the top selling agents who have a history of prioritizing earning two commissions from a single transaction, no matter who they are.

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Step 2 of the SoldNest agent vetting process

Evaluate client feedback

Positive feedback from past selling clients is mandatory and verified through our algorithm that analyzes online reviews.

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Step 3 of the SoldNest agent vetting process

Interview the agent

Each candidate is interviewed by an expert on our team so that we can learn more about their process of working with a seller and to guarantee that they won’t lock you into a contract.

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Step 4 of the SoldNest agent vetting process

Continued excellence

Real estate agents who are SoldNest Verified must maintain a track record of excellence while working with clients we refer to them.

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Step 5 of the SoldNest agent vetting process

Matched to your and your home

The agents in your area who pass our screening requirements qualify as a potential match. However, we take it a step further to ensure any agent we match you with has relevant selling experience and is aligned with your needs.

SoldNest matching requirements

We do the vetting.
You do the choosing.

Let us do the heavy lifting (for free!) so you can have confidence you’re choosing the right agent.

Get the best qualified listing agent


If my experience with SoldNest says anything it is that this business truly takes care of their customers and they know the housing market. Working with SoldNest and the agent made my home selling experience so easy and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

5 Star Rating
Tanya R. Milpitas, CA

We are deeply grateful to the agent SoldNest recommended for recently selling our family home. As a result of their outstanding negotiating skills, we received multiple offers and it sold in a week. Their service was excellent from start to finish.

5 Star Rating
Corrine J. Campbell, CA