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Instantly see how to increase the value of your home and find top agents who
cover the upfront cost for improvements. No interest. No fee. No catch.

We make it easy to add value to
your home before selling.

SoldNest shows you how to add value to your home
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Tell us about your home and instantly see which improvements can make you money and which ones won't.
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Don't want to spend time searching for top agents and five-star service providers? Now you don't have to.
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Skip the Upfront Cost
Your agent fronts the cost for improvements and you pay them back at closing with no interest.
Joe and Peggy
San Jose, CA

"Our agent provided us with excellent advice that made our home more appealing to buyers and helped us sell for $80,000 over the asking price. The service SoldNest provided was excellent from start to finish!"

A hassle-free way to sell your home
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Making the most money used to be difficult. We changed that.

See which improvements pay off

We use AI to analyze home sales in your area so that we can instantly show you how to increase your home's value. You'll see the estimated added value, profit, and cost for each. All tailored to your exact home.

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SoldNest showing a homeowner how to increase the value of their home
Learn About Improvements

Eliminate the financial burden

Work with a top agent in your area who has a vested interest in making you the most money. They'll verify your improvements and cover the upfront cost with no interest - ever. You pay them back through the proceeds of the sale.

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Experience an easier home sale

We know that you want to focus on life's next adventure without the stress and frustration. You'll have a top professional by your side who will make your move much easier than what you're imagining.

Walk away with more money

Want to maximize your proceeds? It takes a combination of knowing how to increase the value of your home at the lowest cost, five-star marketing, and aggressive negotiating. We only match you with a top agent who masters all three.

Learn More About Our Agents
Learn More About Our Agents


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Selling your home for more money is now a whole lot easier.

Many sellers get bad advice and don't have access to resources that can increase their home's value before selling. This often causes their home to languish on the market for months with no buyer activity, resulting in a lower sale price and a frustrating experience.

We think it's time for a change...

SoldNest makes it easy to improve your home's appearance so that you can sell faster and for more money. When you sell your home with us, transitioning to life's next adventure doesn't just become easier, it becomes more profitable!

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