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How SoldNest Works

An easier way to sell your home faster and for the best price.
Create a plan tailored with AI to your exact home in minutes.

Get a plan that will make you the most money, quickly.

  • Tell the Nestimator about your home

    The Nestimator is the machine that powers your custom-tailored plan. It has already analyzed the most recent sales in your area. Now it just needs a little more info about what makes your property unique. When you tell the Nestimator about your home, it'll find everything you need to sell fast and for more money. In a matter of minutes.

    Questions the Nestimator asks a home seller
  • Add pre-listing services

    Curious about what you should do before selling? We'll show you which services can be most beneficial for your home and why. Add the ones to your plan that you might be interested in. But you don't have to.

    Services that help a home seller prepare their home for sale
  • Add upgrades

    The Nestimator will find your best upgrades. You'll see the estimated added value, cost, and profit for each. The estimated added value is specific to your exact house. The estimated costs are based on your property characteristics. Add the ones to your plan that you might be interested in making. Your agent can help you get the best price and has a team of service pros waiting to help.

    Upgrades that help sell a home faster and for a higher price
  • Get the easiest plan

    See the exact steps needed to sell fast and get the best offer. No more wondering about what happens and when. We'll answer all of your questions in a matter of minutes. And we'll show you how your highest-rated agent can make your sale so much easier.

    A step-by-step plan that shows a home seller what they should do to sell their home quickly and for top dollar
  • Sell with the best agent

    We don't just find top agents. We find top agents who have the most trusted answers to the most stringent questions. We'll show you the data points that rank them amongst the best, why they're the perfect match, and their answers to our questions that ensure you're working with a proven professional who will treat your sale as if it was their own. They'll only contact you if you ask them to.

    A SoldNest partner agent who ranks top 1% nationwide and offers no contract commitment

Get a plan that will make you the most money, quickly.