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We connect motivated sellers with top agents who are committed to prioritizing customer service above all else.

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Top agents will lead the industry

Innovative companies continue to try and disrupt our industry by eliminating the role of an agent, but they’re forgetting one thing: selling a home is the largest financial transaction most people make and they want help from a leading expert. We’re betting against other innovative companies because we believe homeowners will continue to prioritize maximizing their net proceeds when it comes time to sell their most valuable asset.

No upfront cost real estate referrals

  • Real estate referrals - no upfront cost

    No upfront cost

    SoldNest is an invite-only platform and is free to join. We partner with top agents who prioritize five-star service.

  • Real estate referrals - no monthly fees

    No monthly fees

    Our partner agents never pay any monthly fees. We ask for a 30% referral fee after a successful sale.

  • Top referral agent

    Ready to sell clients

    Our algorithm matches high-quality referrals with top agents. We make the introduction when they’re ready to sell.

High-quality real estate referrals for high-quality agents

We prioritize quality over quantity and we’re selective on who we invite to our platform. We match our real estate referrals to top agents who have have a reputation for and are committed to providing five-star service. Here are the minimum requirements to become a SoldNest agent:

  • Top 5% in your market in total number of transactions

  • Leading listing stats (list to sold price, days on market, etc)

  • A team of reputable service pros (painters, landscapers, stagers, etc)

Our partner agents are rewarded with high-quality referrals and are committed to the following:

  • A cash credit toward a referral’s pre-listing services and improvements (staging, inspections, repairs, improvements, etc)

    You set this amount based on our estimated value of the property and there is no minimum.

  • Helping a referral prepare their home for market

    From connecting referrals to your Rolodex of service pros to helping coordinate any work, our referrals will be looking for your guidance and expertise.

  • Integrity above a commission check

    As you know, the opportunity to put your needs ahead of your clients is not uncommon. We enforce a zero-tolerance policy on tactics that don’t put a seller’s interest first.

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How our platform works

  • Top agent referral

    Agent matching

    Our algorithm showcases the profiles of top agents. A seller chooses the one they’re interested in working with.

  • Motivated home seller leads

    Select recommendations

    We find and recommend pre-listing services and improvements. Sellers select the ones they’re interested in.

  • Real estate seller leads

    Get introduced

    We speak to a potential seller first and will only make the introduction when they’re ready.

How do I become a SoldNest agent?

  • Request an invite

    Click the “Request an Invite” button and tell us about yourself. Requesting an invite does not guarantee you’ll be accepted to our platform.

  • We review your application

    A SoldNest team member will review your information and will be in touch shortly. If approved, you’ll sign our referral agreement before onboarding.

  • Boost your profile

    After you sign our referral agreement, you’ll be assigned to a SoldNest consultant. Their job is to maximize your opportunity on our platform and enhancing your profile is the first part of that.

Spend less time chasing
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Questions? We have answers.

How does SoldNest work?

We use machine learning algorithms to analyze real estate transactions so that we can make recommendations to sellers about the two things that will have the biggest impact on the sale of their home: the agent they decide to work with and how they decide to optimize their home's appearance.

After a seller answers questions about their home, the first thing we show them is their recommended agents. After they select the agent they'd like to be introduced to, we display their recommended pre-listing services and improvements. These are tailored to their exact home and they can select the ones they're interested in making. Then, when they let us know they'd like to be introduced to their agent, we speak to them first to confirm their information and to make sure they're serious. We know your time is valuable, which is why we make sure our referrals are serious and ready to speak with you.

Can I pay to have my profile appear more often?

No, we do not accept any form of payment to boost an agent's profile. Our matching algorithm is built to recommend the best agents for a particular property and allowing an agent to pay to join or to boost their profile would go against that.

How can I boost my profile ranking?

There are a few ways to maximize your chances of appearing to a potential seller:

1) Continue to sell homes in your target areas and maintain leading industry stats.

2) Respond to our referrals quickly, provide 5-star service, and close at a high percentage.

3) Add as many service professionals to your profile as you can. One of the things we consider is the service pros an agent has on their profile and if they match up to what a potential seller will want to have done before listing.

What is the cash credit?

The cash credit is the dollar amount our partner agents are willing to credit a referral toward pre-listing services and improvements. Pre-listing services include things such as cleaning, staging, inspections, etc.

The amount you're willing to credit can be any amount and there is no minimum. Your profile will include this $ amount but is not factored into our matching algorithm, meaning you cannot increase the amount you're willing to credit so that you can appear more often.

The $ amount is based on our estimated value of the property and you'll set this up when you onboard to our platform.

Can I reapply if I’m not approved?

Yes, you can reapply if you're not approved, but if the reason that you're not approved is due to your performance (e.g. # of transactions), then you'll have to wait until your performance stats meet our minimum threshold.

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