How SoldNest Works

A lot of people have asked us how SoldNest works.
So we thought we'd take a moment to explain.

Get a Money-Making Plan

After seeing the improvements the Nestimator is recommending for your exact home, you have the option to verify them with a top agent in your area.

You’ll get a plan that includes additional tips to improve your home’s appearance, the total dollar amount they’ll cover for home improvement services, and their strategic approach to making you the most money. There’s no obligation and it’s 100% free.

Start Maximizing Your Value

Should you decide to work with your agent, you’ll be working with a proven professional who receives five-star reviews for making the home selling process easy while maximizing the proceeds their clients receive from the sale.

You’ll have access to cost effective, five-star service professionals and your agent will cover the upfront costs without charging any additional fees. They’ll be by your side as improvements are made and can be available to help coordinate any work.

Enjoy an Easier Home Sale

Improving the appearance of your home is the first of two steps that help you sell faster and for more money. The second? Marketing and negotiating. This is where your agent starts implementing their proven selling methodology. They have one goal in mind: to make the process easy while making you the most money.

Imagine being able to focus on life’s next adventure knowing you have someone by your side who has your back— that’s what we do.

Pay for Services After Closing

If you qualify to sell your home with us, you pay nothing upfront for home improvements services with no interest or additional fees.

Your agent sends the total agreed upon amount that was paid for improvements to the escrow company. The escrow company will confirm the total dollar amount with you and that amount is paid back through the proceeds of the sale.

Our business model works because everyone can benefit

If you're like most home sellers, you're probably wondering which home improvements are worth making, how much your home is worth, and how you can find the best selling agent. We take the guesswork out of answering these questions and give you definitive answers based on unbiased data. When we do our job well, everyone can benefit:

  • Your home sells for more money, and you have a positive selling experience
  • Your agent earns a commission and has another happy client
  • SoldNest gets a referral fee from our partner agent


Whenever you're ready, we're available to answer all of your questions and can tell you if you qualify to sell your home with us.

Call 800-571-1769 or request a free consultation.

Find the best improvements for your exact home