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What's your house
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Find the best comps, see how your home compares to each, and get a more accurate home valuation in less than 4 minutes.

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Tell us about your property and its features
Answer questions about your home's condition and features in less than 3 minutes. The Nestimator starts crunching the data.
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Get a more accurate home valuation
Unlike other home value estimates, we factor in your home's condition and location on street, two of the most important attributes for estimating the value of your home.
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See your home against the competition
We find the best, comparable sold homes in your neighborhood and will compare your home to each, showing you the differences in key home value features.

How SoldNest's home value estimator determines the value of your home.

Turn Basics Into Insights

Other home value estimators know the basic characteristics of your home (beds, baths, sq ft, lot size) but they don't know what makes your home unique. When you tell the Nestimator how your home is different and special, it's able to provide you with a more accurate home value.

Find The Best Sold Homes

The first step in estimating the most accurate value of your home is to find the best-sold homes that are most comparable to yours. The ones that carry the most weight are closest in interior square footage, closest in proximity, and most recently sold. While other home value websites display random comparable properties, our free home value estimator shows you the same homes that buyers will look at when deciding how much your home might be worth.

Gather Critical Home Value Attributes

There are many factors that come into play when determining how much a home might be worth. Two attributes that can contribute heavily to the value of a home are the condition and location. There isn't a home value estimator that factors these variables into their estimates, until now.

Compare Key Home Value Features

We don't just display your home's estimated value. We help you understand the "why" behind the estimate. The Nestimator shows you the differences in key attributes between your home and the best comparable properties, helping you understand why your home might be worth what it is.

You get more than the estimated price of your home.

Our free home value estimator not only provides you with a better home valuation, but it also finds the best home improvements for your exact home and will recommend the ones worth making. The Nestimator instantly provides you with the very best resources when trying to find out how much your house is really worth.

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Gary L.
San Jose, CA

"I used to always check my home value on Zillow before I decided to sell. I came across SoldNest and found the information they displayed about my home much more valuable. They not only display the estimated value but they also show the price differences between your home and other homes that have sold in your neighborhood."

How online home value estimates are calculated

Home value estimators have been around for years, and many homeowners frequently check them to see the estimated price of their home. But there's a problem.

These tools tend to suffer from inaccurate data and don't factor in key attributes that can greatly affect the value of a home. Furthermore, they don't display the best comparable homes or offer the homeowner a breakdown of how they arrived at the estimated value. They calculate the value of your home by only analyzing simple data on recent home sale transactions. They don't know about the inside of your home, and they don't consider if your home's location is positive or negative.

We decided to build something better. The Nestimator is our proprietary, machine-learning algorithm, and it's the engine that provides you with the best data so you can find out how much your house is worth. By factoring in important home value characteristics such as condition and location on street, it provides you with the best home valuation and far more insights than what other online home value estimators can.

The Nestimator was built with the goal of giving homeowners a more informative look at their home's potential value. And with that data-driven knowledge, you can make smarter decisions when it's time to sell your most valuable asset.

Get the most accurate home valuation in minutes.