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How much does it cost to sell a house?

The cost of selling a home depends on where your property is located and consists of several items. Some of these include escrow fees, title fees, real estate commissions, real estate transfer taxes, and miscellaneous fees. The closing costs for a seller are calculated as a percentage of the sale price. Below is an outline of the items that are factored into calculating your estimated proceeds from the sale of your home.

Real Estate Agent Commission

The seller pays the commission to their listing agent and the buyer's agent. The total amount is usually split evenly between the both of them.

Escrow Fees

The escrow company is the neutral third party in a real estate transaction. They handle the exchange of money and any necessary documents related to the transaction. The costs charged to the seller are the fees for the services provided by the escrow company.

Misc Fees

These fees can include a recording fee, a notary fee, inspection fees, homeowners association fees (if you have a HOA), and any other fees that you might be required to pay.

Title Insurance

A requirement of the seller's closing costs is title insurance. When you pay title insurance you're paying for the buyer's title insurance policy, which protects them from any liens, any competing claims of someone else saying they have an ownership interest, etc. If getting financing, the buyer is also required to purchase title insurance, but this policy is a policy that protects their lender from the same potential circumstances.

Real Estate Transfer Tax

Depending on the city and county you're located in, you may have a property transfer tax that you need to pay. Most counties have a transfer tax, which is paid by the seller, but not all cities have a real estate city transfer tax.

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