Joseph Alongi

CEO/Co-founder at SoldNest

Joseph drives the strategic vision and works closely in all facets of our business as we continue to grow and build the SoldNest platform. He holds a real estate broker's license in California and has over seventeen years of industry experience. He's dedicated to making the entire real estate experience easier, faster, and more profitable for everyone.

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What to know before signing a listing agreement

3 Key Things to Know Before Signing a Listing Agreement

Signing a listing agreement with a real estate agent is […]

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How to choose a realtor to sell your house

How to Pick The Right Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

The realtor you choose to sell your home can easily […]

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Selling a house as-is

Selling a House As-Is: Everything You Need to Know

Selling a house as-is can make the process a whole […]

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How to sell your house: The exact step-by-step process

13 Steps to Selling a House: The Exact Process From A to Z

Selling your home is the most stressful experience you’re going […]

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Home selling tips

7 Key Home Selling Tips You Need to Know

For most people, selling a house is one of the […]

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How to get your house ready to sell

How to Get Your House Ready to Sell [7 Things You Need To Do]

Pop quiz! Which one of these do home sellers find […]

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Questions to ask a realtor when selling a house

13 Crucial Questions to Ask a Realtor When Selling Your Home

Knowing which questions to ask a realtor during your first […]

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What does contingent mean in real estate

What Does Contingent Mean in Real Estate?

What does contingent mean? If you’re asking this question, you […]

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Closing costs for home sellers in California

Seller Closing Costs: California Home Seller Guide

Want to know how much seller closing costs are in […]

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What is an escrow company

What Is An Escrow Company?

An escrow company is a neutral third party in a […]

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