What Makes SoldNest Different?

Selling your home for the most money in the shortest amount of time is not easy.

Improving your home’s appearance and having the best help along the way are critical to selling faster and maximizing your proceeds. Unfortunately, making the best home improvements is difficult and good help can be hard to find, even from people you’d hope you can trust.

We think it's time for a change...

SoldNest utilizes AI and machine-learning algorithms to analyze home sales so that we can find the best improvements for your exact home, show you the estimated added value and cost for each, and recommend the ones worth making.

We match you with top, highly-rated agents who are experts at knowing how to maximize your value at the lowest cost. They are so confident in their ability to make you more money that they'll cover the upfront cost for improvements, without charging you anything extra.

Our mission is to help every home seller make the most money from their largest financial transaction — and we’re doing that one sale at a time.

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