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The listing agent you sell with matters

Finding the right real estate agent is no easy task. With so many agents to choose from, it’s difficult to know who has a solid track record and who you can trust with such a significant financial transaction.

That’s why we utilize a comprehensive screening process to identify the best-matched agents for you and your home. Our analysis includes real estate agent sales data, client reviews, and agent interviews. The best part? Our service is completely free. We earn the industry-standard referral fee from the company an agent works for only after you successfully sell your home.

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We were overwhelmed when searching for a realtor to sell our home, but SoldNest made it easy. The service our agent provided was excellent from start to finish and we sold for $80,000 more than our asking price!

Home sellers review of SoldNest
Joe and Peggy N. Boise, ID

My husband thought we’d get attacked with realtor calls and emails but that didn’t happen. We spoke to two realtors and we were impressed with their approach to get us a good price. We hired one of them and are very grateful we did.

Home sellers review of SoldNest
Erin and Rick R. Discovery Bay, CA

The outstanding 5 star service went way beyond what we’ve experienced with other realtors we’ve used to sell our property. We are impressed with the SoldNest business model and highly recommend using them to find a realtor.

Home sellers review of SoldNest
Eddie and Lucilla D. San Jose, CA

Choosing the right agent can mean the difference between a
quick and profitable sale, and a long and frustrating process.

Unlock the power of a top-tier listing agent

At SoldNest, we know you have to get this decision right. We’re industry experts who know what separates the exceptional real estate agents from the rest.

When you connect with a listing agent who made it past our vetting process, you won’t just connect with a local agent who has experience selling in your area. You’ll connect with a top real estate agent who will unlock your potential for an exceptional home selling experience.


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