How SoldNest finds the most trusted selling agents

There are thousands of listing agents to choose from. Discover how we help you find the best of the best.

The SoldNest vetting process

We’ve established a four-step vetting process that we feel helps us to identify exactly who the top selling agents are that can be trusted. We do this using a combination of our machine learning algorithm and client interviews.

To date, about 1% of all selling agents qualify and are able to become SoldNest Verified.

Here’s how we do it...

How SoldNest finds the most trusted selling agents

Find the top agents

Experience is important, so our initial requirement is that the selling agent must rank in the top 10% of total homes sold in their county over the last 3 years. We look up the real estate agent's license and verify their sales through the MLS.

But verifying a real estate agent's track record and knowing if they truly have the best intentions is difficult. That’s why the next step is key.

Look up the real estate agents license and sales in MLS

Analyze their sales

Does that agent like to also represent the buyer when selling a home? How fast do their listings sell? How many times have they sold below the asking price, and by how much? What’s their sale to list price ratio?

These are just some of the key data points we analyze to determine if that agent can be trusted and how well they perform compared to other top agents. Many don’t meet our minimum requirements and are eliminated in this step.

Analyze selling agents track record

Interview their past clients

At this point, the real estate agent has a proven track record that ranks them best-in-class. But now it’s time to add the human element.

We randomly select homes that agent has sold and ask to interview their past clients. We’re not after the generic online review. We ask questions that have to do with the type of service that real estate agent provided. We’re looking for descriptive answers that leave zero doubt that that agent truly cares.

Roughly half of the top selling agents don’t make it past this step. Either because they don’t want us to interview their clients or because their clients didn’t give us the answers we were looking for.

Interview the listing agents past clients

Interview the agent

Before we officially invite the agent onto our platform, we interview them to learn about their expertise and to ensure that the service they provide meets our standards.

We discuss high-level topics such as their marketing strategy, how they help clients get their home ready, their commitment to always making their clients a top priority, and more. At this stage, almost every agent passes with flying colors and becomes SoldNest Verified.

Interview the listing agents past clients

Find your most trusted agent

Our service is 100% free, with no catch. Agents cannot pay us to be listed, so you get the best recommendations.

What does SoldNest Verified mean?

A real estate agent who is SoldNest Verified is an agent who was able to pass the most stringent vetting process that categorizes them as being the most trusted.

Real estate agents who display the online SoldNest Verified badge are on our platform and part of an elite class that rank them in the top 1%.

SoldNest Verified selling agents

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Lisa M.
West San Jose, CA
I cannot seem to find a way to add more stars to my review of my SoldNest agent. He was amazing, polite, punctual, extremely knowledgeable, and always accessible to our calls and emails. I would highly recommended the services of SoldNest
Tanya R.
Milpitas, CA
If my experience with SoldNest says anything it is that this business truly takes care of their customers and they know the housing market. Working with SoldNest and the agent made my home selling experience so easy and I would highly recommend them to anyone!
Corrine J.
Campbell, CA
We are deeply grateful to the agent SoldNest recommended for recently selling our family home. As a result of their outstanding negotiating skills, we received multiple offers and it sold in a week. Their service was excellent from start to finish!