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SoldNest finding top selling realtors
Match with a top agent
Our partner agents are highly-rated and have a proven track record of selling homes faster and for more money.
A top selling real estate agent helping to increase the selling price of a home
Attract high-quality buyers
From enhancing your home's appearance to implementing the best marketing plan, you'll have an expert who knows how to drive demand.
A homeowner who just sold their home for more money with a top real estate agent.
Make more money
Selling faster and for the highest price is an art. Our agents know exactly what it takes to get a buyer to pay more.

Work with a top-selling agent and walk away with more money.

Improved Home Appearance

Making the right improvements to your home's interior and exterior is a smart way to increase your sale price. Your agent will verify your recommendations, help you identify simple, low cost (and no cost!) modifications that can dramatically increase your home's selling price, front the cost for any improvements (no-interest), and will refer and coordinate any services provided by highly-rated professionals.

Proven Selling Methodology

While most agents offer little in the way of selling support, the top listing agents have a proven selling methodology. They are experts at crafting a compelling narrative that highlights the best parts of a home. Using professional photography, persuasive writeups, targeted ads, social media, email blasts, exciting open houses and enthusiastic walkthroughs, our partner agents are marketing experts who know how to attract high-quality buyers.

Aggressive Negotiation

Many sellers assume that negotiation is a simple back and forth between the buyer and seller, with listing agents acting solely as messengers.

In reality, there are numerous opportunities throughout this process for a top real estate agent to negotiate superior pricing and terms on your behalf. SoldNest agents know what to say and when to say it to make you the most money. They are focused on getting you top dollar rather than pushing through the sale just to collect a commission check.

Smooth Closing

How do you prevent a great offer from falling through? How do you minimize the chances of the buyer asking for repairs after you accept their offer?

While there's never a guarantee of not having bumps in the road, there are numerous ways to prevent these things from happening. This comes from experience and having the skillset of a problem solver. And this is what separates the average listing agents from the top listing agents. When you sell with us, you dramatically increase your chances of a smoother transactions.

Eddie and Lucilla
San Jose, CA

"Our SoldNest agent provided outstanding service while helping us to sell our home. From day one he had a detailed and effective action plan to help achieve our goals. This was a new experience for us, so having someone who was always very responsive and thorough with answering all of our questions was a huge relief. We are impressed with the SoldNest business model and highly recommend their comprehensive services!"

How SoldNest finds and approves the top real estate agents near you.

Before we invite top listing agents to join our platform, they must go through a three-step approval process:

Step 1
We only consider agents who are on our approved list of top-performing agents. Our matching algorithm sorts through past sale transactions to analyze the data on real estate agents in a particular area. We consider years of experience selling homes, number of sales, property type, list price-to-sold-price ratio, average time to sell a home, online reviews, and more.

Step 2
We ask and gather specific information to find out if they meet our additional requirements for what we consider a top listing agent. Some of this includes their marketing approach, negotiating tactics, their commitment and approach to handling pre-listing details for their clients, and more.

Step 3
All of our partner agents must agree in writing to never take part in any tactic that is not entirely beneficial to their seller's best interests, and they must commit to a dollar amount that they're willing to cover for the upfront cost of improvements. These details are listed in the agreement they sign with us, constantly restated in all of our communications, and strictly enforced to the letter.

Top Realtors walking and talking in office

Who you sell your home with matters.

The real estate industry today is a numbers game. The low barrier to entry allows for brokerages to churn through hundreds of agents every year, providing them with little (if any) support and relying solely on their high quantity of agents to drive revenue.

Contrary to what is portrayed, many of these agents never gain the experience and expertise needed to maximize the results for their clients. This will often create a terrible experience for sellers, resulting in their home staying on the market for an extended period of time and selling well below market value.

We think it’s time for a change…

When you sell with SoldNest, you’ll be working with a top real estate agent in your area who will prioritize making you the most money in the shortest amount of time. You can rest assured that agent will have your back. Period. No pressure. No shady tactics. No over-promising. They’re your trusted partner, fully committed to making your home sale successful and frustration-free.

Don’t miss out on thousands of dollars and a better home-selling experience. When you sell your home with SoldNest, you see and feel the difference…and so does your bank account!

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