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SoldNest is an exclusive network only to the very best real estate agents. Our vetting process ensures you get a top agent with the highest qualifications that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Trusted by home sellers like you Trusted by home
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Not all real estate agents will sell your home for the best price.

You probably already know that.

And it’s probably the reason why you’re wondering which agent you can trust (or if you can trust one at all).

After all, you’re moving out of your area and need to maximize your proceeds.

Let us know if this sounds familiar…

  • You’re not sure how to determine who the best real estate agent is.
  • You’re afraid of being stuck in a contract with the wrong agent.
  • You’ve thought about asking friends and family for a referral but don’t know if that realtor will be the right fit for you.
  • You’re nervous that your agent is only going to care about their commission.
  • You think most agents will “smooth talk” you to try and earn your business.

And finding the right real estate agent feels like you’re playing the lotto.

But you know what? It’s not your fault.

Search for something such as “top real estate agents” or “best realtors” and you’ll get 5 MILLION + results with hundreds of real estate agents from numerous websites...but all they show you is the agent's bio, how many homes they’ve sold, and maybe their online reviews.

Could you base your decision on an agent's reviews?


But the problem with relying on online reviews is they’re…

  • Based on emotion (which is great for a restaurant review, but not good enough when selling your most important asset)
  • Either too negative or too positive (which means you’re not getting a complete picture of the typical or average experience)
  • Prone to bias (with untrustworthy agents offering gift cards or other incentives to entice past clients to leave a positive review)

Could you base your decision on how many homes an agent has sold?


But a real estate agent who sells a lot of homes doesn’t mean that agent will get you the best price.

And many of these listing agents are often prioritizing their commission and focusing their energy on finding their next sale.

We know that finding an agent you can count on seems impossible.

But don’t lose hope – a top realtor who can be trusted can sell your home for a phenomenal price.

We’ve seen all kinds of homeowners sell for record-breaking prices…

Satisfied SoldNest customer
Joe and Peggy San Jose, CA
“We were overwhelmed when searching for a realtor to sell our home, but SoldNest made it easy. The service our agent provided was excellent from start to finish and we sold for $80,000 more than our asking price.”
Satisfied SoldNest customer
Rami and Amy San Jose, CA
“It was our first time selling so we had a lot of questions. The real estate agent we found through SoldNest made the process less stressful and was there every step of the way. We defintely recommend using SoldNest to find a real estate agent!”
Satisfied SoldNest customer
Eddie and Lucilla Gilroy, CA
“The outstanding 5 star service went way beyond what we’ve experienced with other realtors we’ve used to sell a property. We are impressed with the SoldNest business model and highly recommend using them to find a realtor.”

...and we want to show you how YOU can do the same.

What if you found an agent who can sell your house for more than what you think it’s worth?

Maybe you could…

  • Feel more secure and confident about your future
  • Move on to the stage of your life with less stress
  • Boost your retirement account

That’s what the best real estate agents can do for you.

Emphasis on BEST.

At SoldNest, we believe the best real estate agent is the one who is best qualified to sell your home for the highest price – not just an agent with experience and five-star reviews.

And they’re best qualified because they:

  • Have experience selling homes like yours
  • Boast a top-performing track record
  • Will make you a top priority
  • Won’t lock you into a contract

Those 4 things are key to getting a real estate agent who will put you in the best position to sell for the highest price.

This is what you get when you leverage our exclusive network of the very best-selling agents to find your realtor.

We know what you’re thinking…

“All real estate agents and websites say they're the best.”

This is true.

But we’re different because agents have to apply to the SoldNest network (only ~3% are able to pass).

We’ve turned down many agents who you’ll see listed on other sites because they don’t pass our qualifications.


  • It doesn’t cost you anything
  • There’s no obligation
  • You won’t get a sales pitch

How we qualify the best real estate agents

Think of how we can help you find the best real estate agent like this…

You’re going to meet with a realtor before hiring them.

And during that meeting, you’re going to do your best to qualify them.

  • Do they have experience selling homes in my area and around my price point?
  • How do I know they won’t over or underprice my home?
  • Will they give me the best advice to maximize my value before listing?
  • Is their marketing plan the right approach to reach the most buyers?
  • Will they give their maximum effort to get me the highest price?

Our vetting process dramatically swings these answers in your favor.

This means that the hard part of qualifying an agent is done for you.

Here’s how…


You’d probably agree that you need a good realtor in your area with experience if you want to sell for the best price.

So this is the first step in finding your realtor and it’s pretty straightforward.

When a real estate agent applies to our network, we check to see how many homes they’ve sold.

We’re able to do this because we have access to home sale data that only agents and brokers have access to (SoldNest has its broker's license but doesn’t employ any of its own agents).

Recent experience is important…

So we compare real estate agents in your county on the number of homes they’ve sold over the last 3 years.

The real estate agents who rank in the top 20% are able to pass this first step.

Sales performance

This second step is key.


Because numbers don’t lie.

We analyze every home that realtor has sold to get an overall picture of how they stack up compared to other top real estate agents in your area.

Here are the stats we look at:

  • Sale-to-list price ratio
  • How many times they’ve represented the seller and buyer in the same sale
  • Average days on market
  • The number of homes sold vs. the number of homes listed
  • How many times they’ve sold a property below the asking price

These numbers tell us how well that selling agent might perform for you and how trustworthy they are.

For example…

Want to boost your chances of finding a real estate agent who will work in your best interests?

Then you need to avoid the real estate agents who have a suspicious number of sales where they’ve represented both the seller and buyer in the same transaction.

Read that again because it’s extremely important.

If you want to sell for the best price…

You need a local real estate agent who will not prioritize doubling their commission over a higher sale price.

This is just one important data point we look at to qualify the best agents.

Like this…

How to find a real estate agent to sell your home

Want a top listing agent who has a track record of setting the best asking price?

Then you need to look at their sale-to-list price ratio and compare it to other realtors in your area.

This is another crucial number we look at when assessing the top realtors who apply to our network.

Find a realtor to sell your house

Typically, we’ll only pass agents who outperform other agents in your county on all metrics.

The number of agents who qualify at this point drops off to a bit above 7%.

Live interview

Finding a local expert who is going to provide exceptional service and make you a top priority is directly proportional to how much a buyer will offer for your home.

So that’s what we do for you here.

But before we do, we scour the agent's online reviews.

The goal here is to make sure they’re top-rated and to see if there is any common verbiage being used throughout their reviews.

Then, each candidate is interviewed by an expert on our team so that we can learn more about their:

Approach to determining the best list price

  • Detailed property analysis and pricing trends

Strategy to maximize value

  • Expert home prepping and staging


  • Professional photos
  • Custom video
  • 2D & 3D floor plans
  • Custom brochures
  • Open houses
  • Advertising in local publications
  • Coming soon exposure to other top real estate agents

Commitment to making you a top priority

A highly-skilled agent who is giving your sale their full attention will increase your chances of making more money (and make the process easier).

We make sure you get this by doing these two things:

  1. Setting the expectations upfront that in order for the agent to stay in our network they must prioritize the sale of every client we introduce them to.
  2. Ensuring the agent will offer a no contract commitment.

Not being locked into a contract with an agent is critical.


Because the agent selling your home is no longer guaranteed a commission.

Here’s how that works...

You’ll sign an agreement with your agent (all sellers do) once you think you’ve found the perfect match.

The agreement is exclusive (usually for ~6 months but negotiable) and doesn’t give you the option to cancel.

This gives your agent the security of a commission check and invites the busy ones to put your sale on the back burner.

Having the option to cancel prevents these from happening (even though the chances of you doing so are probably low).

We make this a guarantee so you can have peace of mind knowing that your agent will put in their maximum effort.

The real estate agents who make it past this step are a bit above 3%.

Continued excellence

The agents who are able to stay in the SoldNest network maintain a track record of excellence while working with clients we introduce them to.

We verify this by:

  • Looking at the results of the property sold that we referred them to
  • Continuously analyzing all of their sales
  • Giving clients the option to provide feedback about their experience

This is how we prioritize quality over quantity.

And it’s how we’re able to help you find a top real estate agent who can be trusted to maximize your proceeds.

Finding your best real estate agent made easy

Numbers with arrows for steps
First Step

Chat with one of our experts

An expert on our team will verify your needs, timeframe, and situation (usually less than 5 minutes).

Second Step

Connect with your best agent

Within 24 hours, we’ll introduce you to the agent in our network who is best qualified to get you the highest price, and we’ll show you exactly why.

Third Step

Have confidence you found the perfect match

Eliminate your fear of choosing the wrong agent and sell with a local expert who will prioritize your money over a commission check.

Who can we help?

Our service isn’t for everyone. Here are the homeowners we can help:

Who we can help

  • You’re selling a single-family residence, condo/townhouse, land, or 2-4 units.
  • You have not signed an agreement with an agent.
  • You need help determining who the best agent is to sell your home.
  • You want an agent who will prioritize your sale.
  • You see the benefit of not being locked into a contract.
  • You want an agent with a top-performing track record.
  • You want to find the best agent through a single expert source instead of spending countless hours hoping you find the right person.

Who we can’t help

  • You’re selling a mobile home or commercial property.
  • You’ve already signed an agent agreement.
  • You already know how to qualify an agent on your own.
  • You don’t care if an agent is working with too many clients at the same time.
  • You could care less if you’re stuck in a contract with an agent.
  • You don’t think analyzing an agent's sales performance is important.
  • You’re happy to spend hours researching across dozens of websites and only need minimal information about an agent.

Have confidence you’ve found the right agent

You’ll get a top real estate agent who…

  • Is a local expert
  • Has experience selling around your value
  • Boasts a top-performing track record
  • Won’t lock you into a contract
  • Offers the best marketing plan
  • Will make you a top priority
  • Has passed the most stringent vetting process

Frequently asked questions

Have a question about how we help you find your best agent? Check out the list below, and please call us at 1-800-571-1769 if your question isn’t answered here.

Can agents pay to be recommended by SoldNest?

No, agents cannot pay us anything (upfront or monthly) to join SoldNest. The only way an agent can join our network and be recommended is if they can pass our stringent qualifications.

Does it cost me anything to use SoldNest?

No, our service doesn't cost you anything and is offered without any commitment.

How does SoldNest make money?

After completing your sale with an agent in the SoldNest network, the agent’s company pays SoldNest a broker-to-broker referral fee. They’re more than willing to pay us a referral fee because we successfully match their agents with new clients, helping them to increase sales.

Why should I trust SoldNest’s recommendations?

There are three reasons why you should trust our agent recommendations:

  1. SoldNest agents have a proven track record and a trusted reputation.
  2. There’s no contract commitment.
  3. Agents cannot pay to join our network, which means our recommendations are unbiased.

In order for an agent to be recommended by SoldNest, they must have a track record that shows they consistently outperform their peers, in addition to earning a reputation for being the most trusted. We determine this by analyzing the following data points:

  • Sale-to-list price ratio
  • Average days on market
  • Number of properties sold
  • How many times they sold below the asking price
  • Number of times they reduce the asking price
  • How many times they also represented the buyer
  • And more

Our matching algorithm bases its recommendations on how successful SoldNest agents have historically been when helping clients with needs similar to yours. The only way they stay in our network and increase their chances of being recommended is by consistently achieving excellent results for the home sellers we connect them with.

The best agents are in high demand