Frequently Asked Questions

About SoldNest
What is SoldNest?
SoldNest is a marketplace that matches home sellers with the best agents in their area. We find top selling agents and partner with the ones who are committed to putting your interests before theirs. Our mission is to match every home seller with the most trusted agent so that they can have an easier, faster, and more profitable sale.
Which areas do you service?
Currently, we are serving the Silicon Valley area. We'll be expanding soon into other locations and we will continue to make updates to our website with details.
Does SoldNest have a broker’s license?
Yes, we are a licensed broker in the state of California (DRE# 02013194), but we do not employ our own agents. Our broker's license allows us to earn a referral fee from top producing agents who we invite to our platform.
How does SoldNest make money?
We get a referral fee from our partner agents, only after you have a successful sale. Agents do not (and cannot) pay us any monthly or upfront fees to join. SoldNest agents are willing to pay us a referral fee without passing any costs to you, because when we refer them a potential client, they save the cost they would normally invest to acquire a new client. Our service is 100% free to you, without any obligation.
What is the Nestimator?
The Nestimator is our proprietary, machine-learning algorithm and it's the engine behind everything you see on our platform. It analyzes thousands of real estate sales in your area to provide you with the most informative home selling tools that help you sell faster and for more money.
How do you find top agents?

The Nestimator analyzes every detail about every real estate transaction in your area, including who the selling agent was. Be-cause of this, we're able to see which agents sell a lot of homes in your area and how they stack up against their peers. But these numbers can be deceiving. A high number of sales can just mean that the agent markets themselves well. An agent who has a high-er sold-to-asking price ratio or who sells homes faster can mean that they set the asking price below market value. Although these numbers are important to look at, this is not the only criteria we consider.

If a top agent meets our minimum threshold for these numbers, then we ask them a series of questions to determine if their approach to selling a home is aligned with ours. Many of the questions we ask are the ones that many home sellers don’t ask — not because they don’t want to, but because they’re unaware which questions can ensure they’re working with a top agent who is committed to putting their client’s interests first and has the absolute best plan for their home.

If an agent doesn't answer any of the questions with what we feel is the right answer, then we will not invite them to become a part-ner agent. We invite the ones who are able to answer all of the questions and leave zero doubt about their integrity and approach to selling a home. We display the questions and answers on the agent’s profile so you can see what separates them from other top agents.

There are plenty of great agents out there, but there are also many top agents who take advantage of the opportunities that allow them to put their interests before those of their clients. We believe that finding the perfect agent shouldn’t just be about looking at their sales performance; it should also include asking the right questions and getting the right answers.

Can an agent pay to join SoldNest?
No, agents cannot pay anything to join SoldNest (upfront or monthly). We're an invite-only platform and agents only pay us a referral fee after you have a successful sale.
How can my agent help me get my house ready to sell?
Preparing to sell can be stressful, but the top agents we partner with can make it easy. They offer a turn-key solution that can save you a boatload of time and money. Some of the benefits include having access to all of their contacts, helping coordinate any work, helping keep the costs down, and more. When you request to speak to your top agent, they'll verify your plan and will explain the additional benefits.
How do you find my upgrades?
Based on your property's characteristics, the answers you provide when answering questions about your home, and current market trends and homebuyer desirability, the Nestimator will find and display the best upgrades for your home and will recommend the ones worth making. Each displayed upgrade shows the estimated value, estimated cost, and estimated profit.
How do you know how much value an upgrade adds to my home?
The Nestimator analyzes thousands of real estate transactions in your area to know which features help sell a home faster and for more money. It factors in your current condition, market trends, current homebuyer desirability, and much more. The added value for each upgrade is specific to your home and similar to your home's value, can change on a daily basis.
How are the estimated costs calculated?
The estimated costs are based on the average quote from multiple service professionals in your area. The quotes are based on your home's characteristics and size and should only be used as an estimate. The actual cost may be higher or lower. Your agent can verify and help you get the best price.
Home Valuation
How is your home valuation different from other online estimates?
Unlike other online estimates, we don't just display a number. Our home value estimator was built to help explain the "why" behind your estimated value and in order to do this, it does more than what other online estimates do.
  • The Nestimator finds the best comparable homes to yours. Other online estimates display recently sold homes, but the Nestimator finds the ones that are most similar to yours.
  • It factors in critical attributes that can have a big impact on the value of a home. Two of these include the condition and location of each property.
  • You're able to see a comparison of your home vs. each comparable property and the differences of key home value features. We show you an estimated price compared to each recently sold home and will show you the key differences on what impacts that estimate.
Is your home valuation an appraisal?

No, it is not an appraisal. Appraisers use different adjustments that often don't factor in a homebuyer's level of desirability on certain features. In many cases, appraisers are limited to what adjustments they can make and how much those adjustments can impact the potential value.

Similar to any appraisal or online estimate, our home valuation is only one opinion of what your home might be worth and should not be considered a replacement for an appraisal. To get the most accurate estimate of what your home might sell for, we recommend you connect with one of our top partner agents, who can provide you with further information on the potential selling price for your home.

How do you find my comps?
The Nestimator uses a similar approach to what an appraiser or top agent would use. The starting criteria includes closest in interior square footage, closest in proximity, and most recently sold. From there, it will look at many other attributes to find the ones that are most similar to yours.
Can I get notified when I have a new comp?
Yes, you have the option of receiving notifications for your Nestimator value and new comps. When a property sells that is most comparable to yours, we’ll send you an email with the details.

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