Frequently Asked Questions

About Soldnest
What is SoldNest?
SoldNest is a free, online platform that helps you make the most money when selling your home. We analyze data from millions of real estate transactions to provide you with a detailed home valuation, make recommendations for potential home improvements, and match you with top real estate agents in your area who will front the cost for improvements. Our mission is for every seller to get top dollar for their home and have a five-star selling experience.
Which areas do you service?
Currently, we are serving the Silicon Valley area. We'll be expanding soon into other locations and we will continue to make updates to our website with details.
Is SoldNest a brokerage?
Yes, we are a licensed broker in the state of California (DRE# 02013194), but we do not employ our own agents. Our broker's license allows us to earn a referral fee from top producing agents who we invite to our platform.
If your service is free, then how do you make money?
We are paid a referral fee by our partner agents when they sell a home. Our service is free to sellers. You can learn more about how our process works here.
What is the Nestimator?
The Nestimator is our proprietary, machine-learning algorithm and it's the engine behind everything you see on our platform. It analyzes millions of real estate transactions to provide you with the most informative home selling tools that help you sell faster and for more money.
Home Improvements
How do the home improvement recommendations work?
Based on your property's characteristics, the answers you provide when answering questions about your home, and current market trends and homebuyer desirability, the Nestimator will find and display the best improvements for your home and will recommend the ones worth making. Each displayed improvement shows the estimated value, estimated cost, and estimated profit.
How do you know how much value an improvement adds to my home?
The Nestimator analyzes millions of prior sale transactions to see which features help sell a home faster and for more money. It factors in your current condition, market trends, current homebuyer desirability, and much more. The added value for each improvement is specific to your home and similar to your home's value, can change on a daily basis.
Why do I see the estimated added value dynamically change on certain improvements?
Similar to real world scenarios, the estimated value on any improvement might go up or down based on the improvements you plan on making. When you click "Add to Estimate" on any improvement, the Nestimator will assume you're making that improvement and will recalculate the estimated value for the improvements you have not added to your estimate.
How are the estimated costs calculated?
The estimated costs are based on the average quote from multiple service professionals in your area. The quotes are based on your home's characteristics and size and should only be used as an estimate. The actual cost may be higher or lower. You can verify your recommendations with a SoldNest partner agent and they can get you an estimate in writing.
Do you find new improvements?
Yes. If you save your analysis, the Nestimator will constantly look for any additional improvements that might help increase the value of your home. You'll be notified of new recommendations and when there's a significant change in the estimated value for any of your improvements.
How does the no-upfront cost for improvements work?
When you sell your home with a SoldNest partner agent, they will front the cost for improvements and will not charge you anything extra. Your agent will pay the upfront costs and you can pay them back through the proceeds of your sale. The amount covered for improvements is at the sole discretion of the agent and cannot be used for any structural changes or major modifications.
Do I have to use your recommended service providers?
No, our partner agents have relationships with top service providers who do great work at very competitive rates, but you are not required to use them.
Will my agent coordinate any work?
Yes, your SoldNest agent is committed to coordinating and managing any work for improvements.
Home Valuation
How is your home valuation different from other online estimates?
Unlike other online estimates, we don't just display a number. Our home value estimator was built to help explain the "why" behind your estimated value and in order to do this, it does more than what other online estimates do.
  • The Nestimator finds the best comparable homes to yours. Other online estimates display recently sold homes, but the Nestimator finds the ones that are most similar to yours.
  • It factors in critical attributes that can have a big impact on the value of a home. Two of these include the condition and location of each property.
  • You're able to see a comparison of your home vs. each comparable property and the differences of key home value features. We show you an estimated price compared to each recently sold home and will show you the key differences on what impacts that estimate.
Is your home valuation an appraisal?

No, it is not an appraisal. Appraisers use different adjustments that often don't factor in a homebuyer's level of desirability on certain features. In many cases, appraisers are limited to what adjustments they can make and how much those adjustments can impact the potential value.

Similar to any appraisal or online estimate, our home valuation is only one opinion of what your home might be worth and should not be considered a replacement for an appraisal. To get the most accurate estimate of what your home might sell for, we recommend you connect with one of our top partner agents, who can provide you with further information on the potential selling price for your home.

Does my home's Nestimator value ever change?
Yes. Because the value is derived from recent and active data trends, as well as the best comparable sales, the value can change daily.
Can I get notified when the Nestimator makes any changes to my valuation?
Yes. When you use the Nestimator you have the option to save your analysis. When you do, we'll notify you when the Nestimator finds a new comparable home that affects your valuation.
Is the Nestimator only for homeowners/sellers or can buyers also use it?
As of now, the Nestimator is primarily for homeowners/sellers.
Can a local expert verify my home valuation?
Yes, and if you want the most accurate valuation of your home, we encourage you to speak with a local expert. One of our top recommended partner agents can verify your potential selling price and provide further guidance on which improvements make the most sense before selling.
How do you find the top performing agents?
We find the top agents in each market by looking at the data of prior real estate transactions. Among the attributes we consider for each agent are the number of closed sales, the average time to sell a home, sold price to listing price ratio, years of experience, and more.
Can an agent pay to join SoldNest as a partner agent?
No. We only invite the top agents to our platform who we feel are the right fit and they cannot pay us to join. We do not charge them any upfront or monthly fees. They pay us a referral fee only if you have a succesful sale.
How do you approve your partner agents?
In order for an agent to be invited to our platform they must meet the following criteria:
  • They must be a top-performing agent (based on previous sales transactions).
  • They must meet our minimum requirements for what we consider a top agent. We believe that a top agent is defined as someone who not only consistently outperforms their peers, but is also someone who truly has their clients best interest before their own. We ask and gather specific information from potential partner agents to find out if they meet these criteria. Some of this includes their marketing approach for different types of properties, negotiating tactics, their commitment and approach to handling pre-listing details, and more.
  • They must agree in writing to cover the upfront cost for improvements and never take part in any tactic that is not entirely beneficial to our client's best interests. These details are listed in the agreement they sign with us, constantly restated in all of our communications, and strictly enforced to the letter.
Is there really a big difference between a "top agent" and other agents?
Yes. The real estate industry has a very low barrier to entry, giving many part-time and inexperienced agents the opportunity to provide sub-par service and even use shady tactics to force quick sales and make it in the industry. This behavior creates a negative experience for home sellers, often resulting in a lower sale price and extended days on market. We believe a top agent is not just defined by numbers, but also by truly having their client's best interests at heart and prioritizing customer satisfaction above a commission check.
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